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Phydoran's Travels: a Fanmade Story

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:00 pm
by ThatGuyNamedJoe
Hey everyone! I'm not entirely sure where to post this, but I had an idea to make a multi-part text series starring my character, Phydoran, and his quest to destroy an army of corrupted Gendrones, led by Imperious Maxx, that destroyed his planet and his past. Would anyone like to see this?

Re: Phydoran's Travels: a Fanmade Story

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:32 am
by ThatGuyNamedJoe
Alright everyone! I've been bored so I thought I'd work on this story

Here's part 1!

“Now where is that energy cell?” said Phydoran as he rummaged through a crate of disassembled Gendrones. He planned an attempt to weaponize the components of a Gendrone, something he may have to do if he wanted any chance of standing against Imperious Maxx Zero’s corrupted Gendrone army. His hatred for these mechanical warriors was born when Imperious Maxx led an attack on his home planet, destroying everything and everyone on it; except for him. He lost his home; he lost his past. Revenge was all he’d ever dreamed of from that point forward.
Phydoran gazed out the window of his spacecraft, looking into the vast universe. His ship wasn’t much to speak of, merely a small exploration ship he’d rebuilt from the scraps left on his now barren wasteland of a planet. His supplies aren’t very noteworthy, either. He’s put together a workstation from pieces of abandoned ships and buildings that were found on his travels.
“Alright, finished!” He finally said in pride after he’d connected the last component to his new weapon; a large energy-based rifle built from a corrupted Buildman he’d fought during his last travel to Rilleco. He carefully placed his new piece of equipment onto a rack that stored some of his other thrown-together weapons.
“Time to head to the markets.” The Traveler decided. “I’m going to need more equipment if I want to have a standing chance against an army.” He set course for a planet made completely of villages; Gricoron.
A few hours passed, and the weary Traveler dozed off. He awoke when his ship shook violently, and he heard a loud thump coming from below him. He has arrived on Gricoron. As the main door in the ship’s rear lowered with an unsettling grinding noise, he looked out at the busy streets and markets ahead of him with a look of confidence that he’d find the equipment he needed. Walking into the side of the storage room, he opened a locked chest that contained his money and some other, more sentimental items.
He quickly walked out of his ship, closed the rear door with another loud grinding noise, and headed toward the market. The many different species walking by; Outlanders, Glyans, even a few Gobons, did not surprise him. Most species of the Glyos universe inhabited this planet and he’s seen all of them during the many visits he’s made to this place in search of spare parts.
In the distance, a glare hit his eye. When he approached, he found a pair of beat-up phase arms being sold by a Leyden. Phydoran smiled when he saw the price; these were some of the components he needed, and only for 20 Switch Pins! He accepted the deal with the excitement of knowing that he only now had to find an Axis Joint set. The excited Traveler patrolled the market, looking for any seller who might just be selling one that he can use for his next piece of equipment.
As about an hour passed, a now-impatient Phydoran was searching frantically for the components he needed. A Zeroid slowly floated by, carrying an Axis Joint set. He rushed to it and asked if he could buy it. The Zeroid didn’t speak in response and just tossed it to him. “Do machines need money?” The confused Traveler thought to himself with a puzzled look as he walked away with his new components and headed to his ship, making a stop on the way to purchase some more food.
Once the rear hatch opened with more grinding, he walked inside and immediately went to work. Taking out a blowtorch and a self-heating saw, the components were tossed onto his table and modified to fit perfectly together. He even used a few remaining Axis Joints on his own armor to improve defense. The Traveler had constructed some sort of a compacted, disk-shaped object that he stored on his back, the function a mystery to anyone else. All that was left at this point was to test this new creation, and he knew the perfect place to do it.

I hope you all enjoy this story!