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Liber Funeralis

Posted: Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:50 am
by Funeral
And so the Stars have finally aligned to open the grimoire Liber Funeralis and post Scripture, but not from beginning to end.

This will be an ongoing project for fun and I shall update with new content when Fate commands me to do so.


After rescouting Sector Yigg 5Z, Recon Team Zelphon-2 stumble across an aeonic sigil upon the blackened ground of Xixix- an uninhabited wasteplanet liberated of a long-extinct xenos species.

Knowing how vital this could prove to be for their cause, the team contacts Home Base to send out a Harvester for the reaping of the wisdom these marks bestow to those they find worthy.
After reporting their discovery, we find Nyunzo Pyrotellica and Telvo NP-M celebrating before preparing to warp back to their recon point.

At last, the Clan's hard work and aspirations may finally start to see a change in the Cosmos...