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Sands of Esedeth

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:09 pm
by Lucario
Commander Awken lay exhausted on the scorched dunes of Esedeth, surrounded by Gendrone scraps and Crayboth husks. The vast fleet of Rigs made their way across the sky overhead, merely silhouettes in front of the blinding sun, yet the deafening, pulsing hum of their engines and the distinct beeping of Syclodoc activation was unmistakable. Awken wasn't one to rely on luck, but in this moment, he hoped that the ships would somehow overlook him, mistaking him for just another piece of rubble. He hoped for just one more moment to try to fix his mistake.

That moment could never be enough.

In his last moments, his life force returned to the Glyos system, the energy contained within him pouring out, his Phase blaster powering down with a high-pitched whimper. In that moment, he realized he had failed, though not in his assignment to scour the barren desert. In that, he had succeeded beyond anyone else, at least in Zerennic's heavy eyes. No, he had instead failed in his duty as a Traveler, his duty to protect the Glyos System's obscurities and enigmas from those who wish only to abuse them. Leaving only his Glyarmor and Phase Arm to prove he ever existed, Awken faded away. Though he was no longer present in that world, the legacy of his discovery would echo through the Glyos system forever.

Re: Sands of Esedeth

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:40 am
by Witchwitchwitch
Wow, really nice little story, very beautifully written. Too bad Awken had to go out like that, but isn't that life? Once we've finally figured out what matters, it's too late.