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A peak into a Battle Tribes eewkniverse

Posted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:19 am
by eewk
Finally had some time to properly weave the Titans into my Battle Tribes universe. A fair warning, it's long. Ladies and gents, I present to you...

<<The Titans of Yore>>


The Wandering Hulk & The Scarred One:

Before the age of mortals, when the world was but a seed in its shell, the first of the titans who emerged from aether and matter were the Eldorics, three mighty brothers charged with the sacred duty of populating the realm with all manner of life that would soon follow. The eldest and wisest of the three created the first born, the Eldars, named after their maker and blessed with grace, wisdom and immortality. For it is they who would be the stewards of the land when the age of titans should pass. The second brother, sought to best his creation and brought forth another race of immortal beings, stronger than the Eldars but possessed neither the grace nor wisdom of the first born. He called them Orics. However, the elder brother saw that the Orics were untamable in nature and if left untouched, could undo their work. Thus, with swift, merciless judgment, he lifted his hand, ready to wipe the Orics from existence. The second brother, torn between his kin and his children, struck with the might of all his being and in a blow of reckless abandonment, took the first life, a cursed deicide which doomed all creation to mortality. With neither a hint of joy nor sorrow, he walked away, silent, never casting even a glance at his Orics nor his grieving younger brother. A Wandering Hulk for eternity. Without their creator's guidance, the Orics, turned on the Eldars, whom the blamed for their sire's self-exile. The younger brother, since known only as the Scarred One, took it upon himself to lead the Eldars on a crusade of vengeance to eradicate the cursed Orics and protect all that which his late brother had hoped to preserve. In time, the Eldars lost their grace and grew as fierce and savage as their mortal enemies, the Orics. Henceforth, the fate of the world would tangle between the descendants of the two ancient races, Elves and Orcs.

Korjin, Khan of the Barren Dune:

It is said that unlike the other sentient races that were shaped from aether and matter, the first men were birthed out of the earth itself by the ancient Earth Titan, Korjin. Thus, without an affinity to aether, it proved to be nigh impossible for the first men to command magic of any kind. Still, Korjin saw that although they lacked in magical attunement, his children possessed an unprecedented intuitive understanding of all matter. Hence, the Khan of the Barren Dune bestowed upon them the riddle of the earth, the teachings of shaping the treasure deep beneath the land into matter of formidable strength and endurance, qualities that he himself favored above magic. With this gift, men would rise above their disadvantage and take their place among the other dominant races of the world.

Urik, Thane of the Storm Peaks:

Though many dismiss the existence of Skinwalkers as mere tales of crones told to keep children in their beds at night, the accounts of these supernatural beings and their origin remains surprisingly consistent in all corners of the realm. It is said that the first men scaled the fabled Storm Peaks, seeking the gift of speed and guile as a last resort to survive the relentless onslaught of the Orcs. At last, they found what or rather, who they were searching for, Urik, the ancient Storm Titan who too witnessed the birth of the world. However, Urik was not a benevolent Titan, he demanded a price for his gift. Those who chose his path must forsake half their soul and forever walk the land as neither man nor beast. The tribes scorned his offer. But it was whispered that there were few who left their tribes and took the path of skinwalkers, cursed half-souled disciples of the Thane of the Storm Peaks, forever hiding among true men through their shapeshifting gift of the Storm Titan.

Astaar, Tsar of the Scorched Cliffs:

If men were the champions of matter mastery, then the maestro of aether-craft would be the enigmatic djinns. These magical beings are a rare sight in the realm of mortals but there are the occasional stories of these otherworldly beings traversing to our world through a rip in the fabric of reality. Not much is known about them save the tales of how Astaar, the Infernal Titan, in one of his madness spells, conjured a whole race of beings from the embers in the belly of the world. Seeing how arcanely chaotic these offsprings were, he unleashed them into the world above to give the surface dwellers a taste of delicious anarchy, much to his amusement. Which is why, almost any encounter with a Djinn would most certainly lead to an unpredictably, incredible, often fiery end.

Bo'hm, Lord of the Frozen Waste:

The cyclops are a curious people. Often shunned by other races as abominations, many live in nomadic isolation, even from their own kind, thus further shrouding the one-eyed folk in mystery. As such, one could never tell what a cyclops would do should they ever encounter one. For these strange beings inhabit every corner of the realm and are known to have adapted to more cultures than you could see in a lifetime. Hence, there is no telling if you were staring at a scholarly monk or a savage berserker should you have the unfortunately rare pleasure of meeting a cyclops. However, despite their wildly diverse dispositions, all cyclops share the same belief in their creationist lore, that the ancient frost Titan, Bo'hm, cleaved open the Glaciers of the Frozen Waste, and from the icy shards of frozen aether and matter, breathed cold life into the first cyclops to walk the land. A tall tale indeed, but who would dare argue with a cyclops.

If you've read till here, you have my sincerest thanks and I hope I've at least entertained you a little bit.

Re: A peak into a Battle Tribes eewkniverse

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:28 pm
by Mutt12
Ho... le... shit!!!!

Re: A peak into a Battle Tribes eewkniverse

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:36 pm
by eewk
Glad someone enjoyed it. I think...


Fun with Prisma.