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Glyos at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:52 am
by Adam16bit
I assume there's not much of a Glyos presence at SDCC, but there will be a couple of Glyos-related things in a panel I'm doing. If anyone is going to be selling stuff there, please let us know as I haven't heard much yet. :)

If you have nothing else to do, I've got a panel on Thursday 7/18 at 3:00 PM, room #9. I promise Glyos fans will walk away with something, be it knowledge, or something even more valuable! (There's nothing more valuable than knowledge.) I also promise it's not a lot of Glyos content, but a tiny bit.

New Toys, Action Figures, and Statues with Entertainment Earth's Adam Pawlus

Is anyone else bringing anything? A few years ago I scored a swell Integer Knight at the We Love Fine booth but haven't seen much lately.

Re: Glyos at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:55 pm
by Netkid
Adam, what is this? Are these old figures from past drops being sold at Entertainment Earth? Is Matt no longer selling figures on the Glyos webshop? ... bvc9x9gmmu ... pa22br5fog

Re: Glyos at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 9:29 pm
by AutoDecept

This is the video of the panel. Glyos part starts at 25:35. A new metallic silver Pheyaos is revealed, but Glyos doesn't appear to be leaving the Onell store or coming to EE.

Re: Glyos at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:11 am
by Adam16bit
I did this panel as both a toy fan and in my capacity as an employee at Entertainment Earth. It's very easy to reach out to people with whom I have business contacts, most of the stuff we show was (unsurprisingly) from people we talk to and work with on a regular basis. I also reached out to several indie companies who we do not sell (and who do not sell to stores) because i want to go around and spread the word about new and interesting toys, since we all tend to get holed up in our brand-tunnel-vision. This gave me a chance to show retro Kenner Star Wars figures to fans who may not have ever knew they were getting reissued, Glyos figures to people that never thought of an indie action figure as a possible thing that could exist, new vinyl figure formats, and of course exclusives because I am very easy to talk into revealing my own exclusives.

I haven't been able to get any Glyos into Entertainment Earth as of yet. I'm trying. I'm very trying.

I also called a bunch of people for the goodie bag - everybody in the panel got a Kidrobot Aggretsuko keychain, a Monogram Lord of the Rings Keychain, a Dragamonz figure, a Littlest Pet Shop Lucky Pets, a Bit Figs capsule (random sea/farm/ninja series from the bags I bought), Hasbro Transformers enamel pins (2), Target bullseye enamel pin, 4 SDCC/Entertainment Earth Enamel Pins, a Transformers diorama backdrop, and of course a shameless ad for us with a menu of our SDCC offerings and our most recent catalog. Oh, and Hasbro gave the panel an exclusive Marvel Legends Thor mini-poster. I may have forgotten a thing or two. The toy world has been pretty nice to me over the past few decades, so I wanted to give anyone who wanted to come see me a big show with me blathering on about toys with (I hope) an experience not unlike what it is to be stuck with me in a car for an hour, minus the weird music.

The original premise was a toy panel for the kinds of toy reveals that don't normally get their own toy panel, but I was surprised by the participation and donations from everybody involved. I wanted to show off as much cool stuff as possible in about an hour, and I did it in about 43 minutes for the live show. We had some kids do unboxings and had a short Q and not in the video version.