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ShadowHails - Looking To Buy: October Toys Skeletons + Knights Of The Slice Figures

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 12:26 am
by ShadowHails

I am looking to buy these October Toys Skeleton Titans:

Onell Pit Lurker
Glow In The Dark

I am also looking for Knights Of The Slice figures:

Death Knight
Medic Knight
Integer (Blueberry) Knight
Chaos King Knight
Neon Punch Knight
Wild Knight
Orange Knight
Royal Knight
Gunmetal Punch Knight
Vector Jump Galaxy Phase W/Limb Pack (Translucent Green/Glitter Onell Exclusive)
Vector Jump Nobody Knight W/Limb Pack (Translucent Black/Glitter)
Nebula Titan Jump Knight (Translucent Purple/Glitter)

Honestly I'm just looking to add new Knights to my collection. The listed above are just ones I want more than others. If you have any knights, armor packs, limb packs or DIY Solid Material Boys, please let me know.

New or loose in good condition, it doesn't matter.

Don't exactly know what a fair price would be so just let me know what you think.

Feel free to either reply to the thread or PM me.

Thanks and have a great day!