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RH777's BST

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:10 pm
by RH777
Hello! I don’t have anything to trade right now, but I’m looking to buy some figures. I haven’t been on this forum in a few years, so most people probably don’t know me, but I think I have a few trade reviews if you are worried about selling to someone new. I am interested in a lot of different waves, so I figured I would post a full list of my wants and see if anyone is willing to part with any of them.

Here are the things I’m looking for:

Hades Force mimic armorvor
Hades Force armodoc
Hades Force buildman
Hades Force Glyan
Hades Force axis joints
Hades Force gobon Cerberus
Hades Force phase arm set
Hades Pheyden mkII
Hades Force extra set
Dark Traveler rift breaker
Syclodoc gatekeeper defender :shock:
Neo gatekeeper viyer sarvos
Neo gatekeeper sullonev
Neo gatekeeper reverse mimic armovor
Neo gatekeeper glyan
Neo gatekeeper glyan reverse
Neo gatekeeper axis joints
Neo gatekeeper reverse axis joints
Neo gatekeeper swing joints
Neo gatekeeper reverse swing joints
Neo gatekeeper phasearm
Neo gatekeeper phase arm reverse
Microshin glyan
Stealth swing joints
Stealth axis joints
Super crayboth standard
Crayboth disruptor
Crayboth mariner
Crayboth cultivator
Crayboth harvester
Crayboth vossonim
Commander kullkizer Pheyden
Glyan Crayhunter
Glyan Crayhunter reverse
Crayhunter axis joints
Crayhunter reverse axis joints
Crayhunter swing joints
Crayhunter reverse swing joints
Crayhunter phasearms
Crayhunter reverse phasearms
Commander vullestren pheyden
Kabuto mushi sabaku mage
Crayboth sabaku apprentice
Armodoc orkmogg horde
Skeleden orkmogg mutation
Phanost dreadvalken overlord
Dreadvalken overlord axis joints
Dreadvalken overlord swing joints
Dreadvalken overlord phasearm
Crayboth orkmogg horde
Protoclone orkmogg horde
Crayboth dreadvalken thief
Glyarmor neo tracker
Glyan tracker commando
Crayboth tracker scout
Tracker axis joints
Tracker axis joints reverse
Tracker swing joints
Tracker swing joints reverse
Tracker sarvos conversion set
Traveler harcoriun pheyden
Dark tracker extra set
Crayboth drainer
Glyan mutation hunter halkenn
Skeleden hallowden king
Osm Cthulhu-Nautilus Ryehzoth
Hub drone quinmorr
Crayboth vamperran
mutation hunter axis joints
Mutation hunter axis joints reverse
Mutation hunter swing joints
Mutation hunter phasearm
Traveler suraisu
Glyninja hando
Glyninja harada
Crayboth hando jr
Super crayboth Trollspawn
Crayboth trollspawn minion
Skullboto soldier
Bloodboto soldier
Goblleran soldier
Glyknight skelecurse ancerrium
Pheyden warm gunmetal
Old knight lord dreadvalken
Osm colossus Rex tyraxsis
Pheyaos rift phantom
Phanost dark nebula
Buildman dark nebula
Parasitic halkennite
Parasitic axis joints
Parasitic swing joints
Pheyaos hallowden mutation
Cyma queen kirallius
Pheyden kirallius guard
Glyan kirallius guard
Kirallius guard axis joint
Kirallius guard axis joints reverse
Kirallius guard swing joints
Kirallius guard swing joints reverse
Kirallius guard phasearm

I am also very interested in any grimsquad figures or scarabite figures/axis joints/swing joints, or any accessory sets in these color ways, I would appreciate it.


PM for more info/offers.

Re: RH777's BST

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2021 5:29 pm
by RH777