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MiSha - B: Battle Tribes & Warlords of Wor

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:25 pm
by Misha
Hi there,

at the moment I'm looking for Spy Monkey Creations' Battle Tribes as well as ManorMonster? Studios Warlords of Wor figures and parts.

Here're my wanted lists in alphabetical order:


Bloodkin Orc
Bloodlust Demon
Cursed Gold Demon Warrior
Crystal Crusader
Cyclops Ice Raider
Eldritch God
Livid Dracosaurian
Nomadic Orc
Nomadic Pterosaurian
Oozarian Warrior
Skull Warrior
Spectral Warrior
Steel Warrior
Tribal Wolfpack Hunter
Tribe Builder Crimson
Tribe Builder Glowstone
Tribe Builder Ice Blue
Tribe Builder Midnight Black
Tribe Builder Oozarian Green
Tribe Builder Pale Flesh
Tribe Builder Pure White
Umbrian Wraith
Vampire Bat


Complete Wave 1

I prefer complete figures or even sets. However, if you have any spare parts, I might be interested too. Just send me a list or a picture.

Nothing for sale or trade at the moment. If you feel like parting with an item from my wanted list, please send me a PM.