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Marketplace Rules

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:18 am
by glyos_sysadmin
This section of the Trading Post is for non-Glyos related transactions. Please take a moment to read the following rules and regulations below:

The Basics

When starting a new thread, please use the following format:

USERNAME - B/S/T: DESIRED ITEM (for wants) or HIGHLIGHTED ITEM (for trades and sales)

Everyone is allowed one thread for all Marketplace-related dealings, just to keep things neat, tidy, and easy-to-find. Also, if anyone wishes to allow discussion in their threads about prices or quality of items, please let everyone know in the first post of your thread. If anyone wishes to keep questions and comments limited to private messages instead, please make a note of it in the first post, too!

As a final note, we ask that everyone refrain from "bumping" their thread unless it had reached Page 2. Update notifications are helpful, but as our goal is to make the Marketplace easier for everyone to navigate, please be patient if your thread takes some time to gather attention.

eBay Notices and Board Auctions

To keep things simple, we'll be having a single thread for everyone to post eBay sightings and listings.

We'll also be trying out the Board Auction system that had previously been used at the October Toys Forum. To wit:

Only one board auction can be run by a member at a time. The title should read "USERNAME - Board Auction - ITEM NAME". People who want to place new bids should post in the thread. There should NOT BE DISCUSSION OF THE ITEM OR PRICES in the thread other than new bids and updates on time until auction ends by the auction holder. If you have a comment on the auction, take it to PM. Winners of board auctions should post in the thread when they have received the item so I can close it.

Once an auction thread is completed, notify a Mod (if we haven't seen it already), and we'll remove the thread.*


Please note that Onell Design and its sister companies are not liable for trades and sales via the Marketplace. The Marketplace is a space for users to work out trades and sales at their own risk; however, please notify the Mods through private message if something goes awry or sour.

Thanks for reading and have fun!