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Hello fro zOoBOy:

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:39 pm
by zOobOy
Hey guys and gals!

I've been buying Glyos from Matt since his first figures...(and then Marty, Doc Kent, Pat, Ni, and Brian and crew.) ...and if I missed anyone, I'm sure I've bought your stuff as well. I love Matt's figures. I actually love all of them. I usually buy a little of everyone's stuff. My favorites are the first Phase Pheyden, Callgrim, and Kabuto Mushi. These are some of the first figures I purchased. Each having a unique quality. And now all the new figures that have been coming out. Spy Monkey Creations, Pat Bussey, Man or Monster. ALL good stuff. I am a fan of everyones stuff, but I must admit I don't buy everything. I can't afford to if I'm going to pay bills, and build my business, but I buy what I can to support the owners. I myself am a sculptor, and have been learning how to design toys. I draw out my ideas on my Wacom, (or paper) and then sculpt them from there using Monster Clay. I have talked to Matt about some ideas, but it has been 4 years, so I am going to send him the prototypes soon, and see what he thinks. I'll be sure to post on here, and show what I am working on. I am also working on a comicbook with my daughter, but that is another post when the toys are near completion. I look forward to learning from and talking to you folks.



Re: Hello fro zOoBOy:

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:41 pm
by NoPaintRequired
Always good to see anothet creator on board, welcome!

Re: Hello fro zOoBOy:

Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:37 pm
by kranix
Welcome aboard, Rich! Let us know if you have any questions, and good luck with prototyping and drafting the comic!