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Re: zullbeast drop tonight

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:05 pm
by ChristheElder
Witchwitchwitch wrote:
ChristheElder wrote:And i just saw there is a new drop tonight. 7/24/18 at 9pm est. The only color i've seen so far is stealth.

Not quite, stealth, like a cloudy blue, like the Bio-Paralyzer from the first Esdeth Mobile Patrol drop back in 2016

Or like the Instar Mushi

This was one of my favorite Glyamor figures, loved that blue tinted almost Ice like look.

Good eye. On my phone its hard to tell.
Other color is a stinger zullen...
AND A HADES PSYCHOZOR!!!!!! Good to see some vinyl.