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The Guns of Glyans Official Resource and customs

Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:50 pm
by NoPaintRequired
One of the most defining feature of the Glyan figure is that it comes with a gun. In recent drops, the Glyan's arsenal has included one half of the Robo Force weapon packs and there was a resurgence in the firearm. So this thread is dedicated to the official and customs guns and the builds that use them.

Starting with the top left, are the Glyan Gun and the Deep Space Glyan Gun
In the top right is the Volkriun Master Command/Skate Wars rifle and machete
Bottom left is the Tracker Commando rifle
Bottle right are the Glyninja tonfa

Glyan Tracker Commando Pack-In version, not featured in the blog, this is how the Glyan Tracker Commando weapons were mailed

These are the standard Glyan weapons that can come packed with Glyan and/or in the suggested configurations

Top is from the Axis Armored Glyan
Middle is from Crayhunters
Bottom is Skaterriun Jump Trooper

These are blasters designed using Axis joints, with the last one using Robo Force weapons

The top one are duel weapons from Ecroyex Scrapper and the bottom one is from the Ecroyex Glyan Gendrone Hunter

A little obscure, the Scrapper uses swing joints and Gendrone Hunter use one Axis joints

Re: The Guns of Glyans Official Resource and customs

Posted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:38 pm
by NoPaintRequired
Using the Tracker Commando weapon build as a base, I created two alternate builds

The Vile Commando loadout actual is a small deconstruction of the Commando rifle into two more weapons, a backpack cannon and large hand cannon. It's designed is to spread out energy usage over a longer period of time across multiple weapons rather than a large singular weapon. Also named after a certain purple hunter.

The Forked Rifle is only a rifle in name, the main purpose of this DSG exclusive version of the fire arm is actually a laser drill and metal detector combo. With the improved staying power of DSG, the forked rifle compliments any non-combative mission. The designs was based on a certain transparent orange tool used by another group of space explorers on an ice planet.